Mediabistro Book Club Cocktail Party New York, NY

Sounds Like Crazy has been selected for the Mediabistro Book Club cocktail part taking place in New York City on May 17 at the Underbar.

Locals, visitors to New York, everyone is invited.

Mediabistro Bookclub* details
*You have to scroll down the page for the book club details.

To RSVP for the event, click here.

About shana

Shana Mahaffey lives in San Francisco, California, in part of an Edwardian compound that she shares with an informal cooperative of family, friends, and five cats. She’s a survivor of catechism and cat scratch fever, and is a member of the Sanchez Grotto Annex, a writers’ co-op. She welcomes all visitors to her website and is happy to meet with book groups in-person or in cyberspace (phone/webcam/the works).
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