Happy Holidays to all Sprint Customers from Samsung, or “It’s Not Our Fault, They Didn’t Tell Us…”

Samsung in its infinite wisdom pushed through an automatic update to all its phones today.  If users declined the update, it just kept popping up until you took it. Well, here is what this “update” did:

  1. Change the User Interface completely, forcing users to hunt around and figure out how where familiar menu items disappeared to.
  2. Broke the sync with Gmail.
  3. Required a security update for Exchange mail. This update wiped out all emails, contacts, etc.
  4. And saving the best for last: WIPED OUT ALL CONTACTS.

Sprint Technical Support is getting inundated today. All they can say is, “I apologize and we didn’t know Samsung was going to do this.”

My response, “Shame on you, Sprint.”

Note to Sprint: Samsung is one of your partners. You recommend and sell their phones to your customers. The fact that they can push through a disaster like this, a week before the holidays no less, reflects more poorly on you than it does on them.

The worst part is, there is no accountability. As a customer, my choice is to pay a steep fee to get out of my Sprint contract or pay a steep fee to get phone that actually works (this phone had countless problems before this mess of an update). Everyone tells me, “Get an iPhone.” I’d love to because Apple actually cares about its customers and the products and service are consistently at the highest level. The problem is AT&T. The coverage sucks. It doesn’t work in the two places I spent the most of my time—my home and my office. Back to Sprint though…

Besides all the Samsung users who will lose their contacts and/or spend half their day fixing the mess Samsung created, I feel very sorry for Sprint Technical support. These poor folks are going to spend the next few days getting yelled at, because while Samsung may not have “told” Sprint they were going to put out an update that causes more problems than it solves, Sprint is still the first contact when people are looking for help.

Supposedly the Sprint back office is working furiously with Samsung to get this corrected. Too bad they didn’t work to build two-way communication with Samsung. And too bad Samsung didn’t work furiously to test this update before pushing it out to all users.

What a mess.

All I can say is this: If you can avoid Sprint and Samsung, I’d HIGHLY recommend it. Don’t get me wrong, the technical support team at Sprint is great, but I shouldn’t know this. Rather, I should know how great my phone is. I should have a provider that makes sure this kind of update never happens. I have neither.

Happy Holidays to all Sprint Customers from Samsung.

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