Brief thoughts on “The End”


Did they die in the plane crash? Did their island life happen? Are you satisfied? Are you peeved? I think the one thing everyone can agree about is the Lost finale is polarizing.  Beyond that, I will let all the other fantastic reviewers dissect the finale (See below).

Me? Well, I checked out “The End” with the Can Opener. It was her repeat viewing, the one where she only had me and Raphael (and him only intermittently) to ridicule her if she cried. Not only did she cry, even I had to put my paws over my eyes as she broke down several times and went into full weeping like the last movement of one of Mozart’s most lively symphonies at the end. Over a damn dog.

Afterward she wondered aloud who’d be waiting for her at the end. No need to worry. I’ll be there. Even in the afterlife, someone has to open my can.

Howard Out!

A sampling of some excellent Lost Reviews:

Marc Oromaner’s The Myth of Lost (Can Opener wants to marry this guy!)

Vozzek69 (Can Opener’s favorite Dark UFO blogger)

And of course, Doc Jensen from EW,,20387946,00.html

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